Network and IP address calculator

Show network, broadcast, first and last given network address

The netmask "bit format" is also known as CIDR format (CIDR = Classless Inter-Domain Routing).

Subnet mask converter (dotted decimal format)

Network/node calculator

decimal subnet mask inverter

Decimal Subnet Mask Converter

Calculate and fill an IP address (reverse)

Network and IP address calculator

network list net, mask" ×

Network host Broadcast Address
Start End

Calculate masked address translator by number of hosts

TCP/IP hexadecimal converter

The number of mask conversions to network usable addresses

IP multicast address range

All multicast addresses can be easily identified because the bit pattern "1110" begins. - well-known multicast address, control channel - Worldwide (Internet-wide) multicast addresses - local multicast address

Introduction to Subnet Mask Calculator

LAN planning tool, subnet calculation and division, subnet mask conversion in each base system, and IP address conversion in base system. .

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