Online barcode generation tool

Barcodes are often used for general merchandise scanning

1. Download the barcode: place the mouse on the barcode and right click to save it as a picture

2, the barcode generator supports ean8, ean13, std25, int25, code11, code39, code93, code128, codabar, msi, datamatrix type barcode generation

A barcode (barcode) is a graphic identifier for expressing a set of information by arranging multiple black bars and spaces of different widths according to certain coding rules

A common barcode is a parallel line pattern formed by black bars (referred to as bars) and white bars (referred to as empty) with very different reflectivities

The barcode can mark the country of production, manufacturer, product name, production date, book classification number, mail start and end location, category, date and many other information

Therefore, it has been widely used in many fields such as commodity circulation, book management, postal management, banking system

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